Marmor (UL 2)

Two finishes yesterday! This is the first one –

Marmor (Marble)

This piece was started on June 12, 2007 – it only took ten years (and four days) to finish 😉 It still surprises me it was so many years ago I started this one.

The idea behind this piece came from my Isfahan and Breakdance un-quilts. The wrong sides had such a beautiful texture and I thought it would make a great project of its own. Again, the pattern comes from ‘Tilings and patterns’ (Grünbaum/Shephard). I can still remember where I bought the batik fabrics, it was the Dutch-German fabric market in Hamburg. Not with this special project in mind, but a matching set of four resembling actual marble colours.

Finished size is 48 x 63 cms, number of pieces is 288. Size of squares is 15 mms (9/16″)

texture created with pieces used from the ‘wrong’ side, hand stitching is clearly visible



9 thoughts on “Marmor (UL 2)

  1. I really love the texture you’ve achieved on this one, an interesting contrast between the smoothness of the name, the cool, mineral colours and then the folds and stitching. Love it! I wish you’d finished it sooner, and given us a chance to see it as a work in progress.


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