Bargello (UL3)

Friday’s second finish is


A machine pieced un-quilt from a pattern inBurda Patchwork (Fall 2015). I made a smaller version with only 14 colours instead of 31. Size is 66 x 68 cms and I used a thin polyester batting like I usually do with batik fabrics.  What I had in mind when chosing the fabrics was a mother-of-pearl colourway you’ll find in a paua shell, but it might as well resemble oil on water or a coral reef.

The binding and backing fabric is one of my most cherished batiks and it cost me some willpower to use it. 🙂

backing fabric

I’ve already drawn the next winner, another piece that needs only little time to finish.


9 thoughts on “Bargello (UL3)

    • It’s very easy to make as you only need to sew strips together, cut them apart and sew them back together again. The tricky part was choosing the right fabrics. 🙂

  1. I’ve never been a fan of bargello, don’t know why, I just never fell for it. This one has the power to change that. Which of course is all about the fabrics chosen. The batik means the different pieces of a fabric don’t look the same, which is brilliant. I love it. Maybe I’ll even make one myself…

    • Das will ich doch hoffen mit dem schönen Wetter, ich will ja schließlich zur Kieler Woche, so oft wie möglich. 😉 Ebenfalls schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüße, Jule

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