Caution! Fragile!

my new palette – a few DMC threads, mostly Anchor and some Rico

This time I’m stitching a project so kitschy 😉 that it’s good again – Vintage Glassware, a design by Marie Barber from the April 2017 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.

Special effects:

  • replacing the suggested Caron Collection Waterlilies Hand-Dyed Variegated Silk Floss (047 lemon n lime) by some variegated DMC and Anchor floss from my stash
  • added backstitching

Project shenanigans:

  • using black 16 ct Aida
  • stitching from the original colour chart
  • without marking off

For the reflection I replaced the suggested Caron Waterlilies 047, using one strand of Anchor 2 and one strand of DMC 99. The original chart doesn’t have backstitching but as I think the contrast could be better in some places I’ll add some later.


12 thoughts on “Caution! Fragile!

  1. It’s a beautiful collection of Venetian Murano glass goblets. A little bit kitschy, but wonderful anyway! My favourite is the one with ‘wings’, on the right.

    • Welcome to my blog. 🙂 I’m using two strands for the cross stitching and will be backstitching later with one strand.

      • I didn’t realise how much difference backstitching can affect the whole picture. It adds a little more depth and shadow doesn’t it 🙂 What about 18ct? Will you use 1 or 2 strand? I’m mentally planning a huge project and I wanna be prepared not to ruin it

        • I’m also using two strands on 18 ct. Maybe you could test the difference between one and two strands on a scrap (or the rim) before you start. I’ve no idea how one strand will cover the 18 ct, this is one thing I’m going to try on a future project that is already in the planning stage.

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