Thirteen things with wings – 6

The big yellow one is finished. It’s the only one I can name because I discovered it by accident on one of my collector’s cards. It’s a male Comet moth (Argema mittrei).

Here’s the washed and ironed panel for you (I’m always ironing only after washing to prevent possible stains becoming permanent).

The chart is a design by De Selby called Butterfly Box, published in the June 2015 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.

Stitched on 27 ct evenweave with some of the original DMC colours from my stash, but mostly with Anchor replacements. Looks quite like the original – which will not be the case with my next project. I’ll tell you more about that in a couple of days.


5 thoughts on “Thirteen things with wings – 6

    • Danke – arbeite schon am nächsten Teil. 🙂 Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende (hier grummelt gerade ein Gewitter vor sich hin, sieht aus, als wenn es noch feucht wird) . Liebe Grüße, Jule

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