Rescue mission accomplished

When I tried to open my oldest blog about a week ago LiveJournal forced me to accept their new Terms Of Service or I wouldn’t able to use my blog anymore. They provided an English translation of the new TOS which in their own words wasn’t legally binding. The original and binding one was in Russian. Also, they referred to a lot of Russian Federal Acts without  giving an explanation what they were about and of which of course I had no knowledge.

LJ had been sold to new Russian owners a couple of years ago, but were still hosting the data in the US. After some digging around on the internet I found out that a couple of months ago the LJ servers had been moved fom California to Russia. Of which the users had not been informed.

Well, I had to accept the new TOS – what else. Next thing was trying to import my blog to WP like I did a couple of year ago. But alas, LJ have been blocking their API for quite a while so WP had no access to their data.

Red alert. Rescue mission required. Urgent.

One option was to manually download my blog content without the comments month by month. But the resulting files are unsuitable to import into WP, which I knew. So I bit the bullet and transformed my entries into MS Word files one by one to have at least some kind of backup. More digging on the internet followed, as well as reading the TOS of various other blogging platforms. Finally I decided to try Dreamwidth again. Four years before, at the time LJ went to their new owners I had moved my blog over there but failed to customize it and deleted the account.

DW is operating on the base of LJ’s software code. And luckily I could export my blog to their site. Obviously they had massive import from LJ as they warned people their importing could take up to a couple of days as new import request were queued. Anyway, this was an option to save seven years of blogging so I started my import. All done in five minutes. Everything in place now, cost me one week of work.

I have deleted my LJ blog. Well, sort of. I still have 60 days access to undelete. But this is not going to happen.

While I was in deleting mode I have also permanently deleted seven of my WP blogs yesterday. Don’t worry, nothing important you would miss and still enough left. I saved export files in case I should decide otherwise. There are a couple more that will have to go as soon as I’ve decided what I want to keep. Watch this space.

Off now for something more pleasant.


2 thoughts on “Rescue mission accomplished

  1. What a business! And how fortunate that you’re skilled at these things. If that happened to me, it would mean the end of my blog, as I have no idea how to go about rescuing content…

    • Say it loud. Reading until my poor old brain was about to explode. These things are sometimes hidden deep in the support pages. I knew I could do something about it because I did it before. Just had to push the right buttons with the right service.

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