Woodland Sampler

Woodland Sampler

I started this project last year but never got further than a few stitches into it. This is the third layout, I started with the original fourteen elements from the Woodland Cottage chart by the Craft Collection plus some additions from other sources. In the end I picked nine elements out of fourteen and put them together in a new design.

Stitched with Anchor threads on 16 ct white Aida, finished size is 39 x 39 cms. I think I’m going to make this into a cushion cover as soon as I’ve picked the right fabric. The one I had in mind doesn’t match the thread colours, it’s too red. I’ve picked two green fabrics which might fit.

The pattern I’ve got comes from a German craft magazine, it’s from the same design series as the butterflies I stitched some time ago (find them here, scroll down). The designs are from the Cottage Garden series by The Craft Collection. Unfortunately, they’ve been out of business for some years already, as it seems.

Besides the magazine clippings I’ve got (Butterfly Cottage and Woodland Cottage) plus the chart for Cottage Garden (garden flowers), there are at least six more patterns: Dovecote Cottage (birds), Fisherman’s Lodge (pond life), Herb Cottage (wildflowers), Orchard Cottage (fruit), Beachcomber Cottage (marine life), and Farmyard Cottage (animals). I’ll continue looking out for these, any help in finding them will be highly appreciated. 🙂

I’d like to send a big thank you to Avis of Sewing beside the Sea for helping me find Cottage Garden. ❤️

But before starting Cottage Garden I’ll bore entertain you with another great project I’ve called Thirteen things with wings. More about that one soon.

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