Chanterelles – and a request

Chanterelles (Craterellus cibarius, syn. Cantharellus cibarius)

After finishing this one I got carried away. My needle is running hot while it is flying through #2 and #3, still hidden beneath the paper. Coming soon to a screen near you. 🙂

But for the request – The patterns I’ve got come from a German craft magazine and are from the same design series as the butterflies I stitched some time ago. After some digging around the internet I know more now. The designs are from the Cottage Garden series by The Craft Collection. Unfortunately, they’ve been out of business for some years already, as it seems.

Besides the magazine clippings I’ve got (Butterfly Cottage and Woodland Cottage) there are at least six more patterns: Cottage Garden (flowers), Dovecote Cottage (birds), Fisherman’s Lodge (pond life), Herb Cottage (wildflowers), Orchard Cottage (fruit), and Farmyard Cottage (animals).

EDIT: Also in this series: Beachcomber Cottage (marine life) – my favourite so far

I’d love to have the other designs as well (except, maybe, Farmyard Cottage) and would love to trade/swap them (or borrow them, if you trust me to return them quickly and undamaged – alas, my budget is very limited these days). Just the patterns/instructions would do for me, I don’t necessarily need the kits as I’m making my own layouts.

Feel free to contact me at jule(dot)bandholz(at)gmx(dot)de.


11 thoughts on “Chanterelles – and a request

  1. Hallo Jule, ich hoffe, Du findest die Muster noch bei irgend jemand. Die Pilze sind sehr schön geworden. Mir fehlt nur irgendwie noch eine etwas dunklere Stelle. War wohl nicht vorgegeben im Muster.Gruß Mitza


    • Och, ich finde die schon viel schöner als auf der Abbildung im Heft, da waren sie noch heller. Habe zur Abwechslung auch mal nicht an den Farben herumgeschraubt. Ăśberhaupt sehen die Teile “in echt” viel schöner aus, bin schon beim 3., habe aber erstmal eine kurze Pause eingelegt, weil ich spontan eine andere Kleinigkeit sticken muĂź. 🙂 Liebe GrĂĽĂźe, Jule

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