New colours

mystery01New colours for a new mystery project

This month my focus will be on cross stitch. I’ve taken out two of my projects again and already made some nice progress.

One of them is a new project I’ve started last year. I’ve chosen nine motifs out of fourteen from an old magazine and put them together in a new design. Here’s the start of the first one with one colour finished. I like it that way, looks a little retro to me.



8 thoughts on “New colours

    • The chanterelles should be ready to harvest in two or three days time but they’re safe with me as I don’t eat mushrooms. 🙂

    • I like a little twist with my cross stitch projects. 🙂 This one will be developing into something not too unusual, I’ve started the second one of nine motifs already.

    • Now that I have added the other colours they almost look like real chaterelles. Just a little backstitching left to do. 🙂

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