Paper beads

paperbeads01 Last weekend I spread all of my collected paper stuff across the kitchen to make some collages. And failed.

But there was a bag full of paper strips I wanted to use for weaving projects. At the office we always got lots of advertising mail on all kinds of coloured paper. Some time ago I ran a couple of sheets through the office shredder as mine does particles.

Making paper beads was already on my list for 2017. So I grabbed a wooden skewer and started making some beads instead of collages. There’ll be more to come, it’s quick and fun. I have rediscovered a big box full of more strips, a little narrower and in different colours. They roll around the skewer even better.

I haven’t decided yet what to do with the beads, but definitely no necklaces or jewelry.



8 thoughts on “Paper beads

    • Absolutely fun! I’ve been through my stash already collecting more waste paper in different colours 😉 Unfortunately, I need to make more strips manually with the paper guillotine, my shredder is a cross-cutter type. I’ll also try different bead shapes with wedges.

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