Waiting for the wrecking ball

wooli01former Woolworth building on Berliner Platz (Berlin Square)

I used to work there at a lawyer’s office for a couple of years at the place where the branch covers the windows. This building is only 22 years old and is currently being prepared for demolition. The new one is going to look like this. I’m not sure yet if this is better or just different. 😉

The whole area is going to change substantially. A couple of buildings on one side of Boat Harbour are going to be demolished and replaced. There will be a couple of water basins between Boat Harbour and the lakes of Kleiner Kiel, where now the street of HolstenbrĂŒcke is located. The street will be closed for individual traffic, the bus stops will be relocated. Not very helpful in regard to the struggeling business in upper Holstenstraße, if you ask me, as HolstenbrĂŒcke is the main road guiding the traffic into the inner city. And it’s way too draughty for a recreational area.


3 thoughts on “Waiting for the wrecking ball

  1. I’m not sure the new building’s much of an improvement either; it’s a bit bland and generic. If they have to tear down a perfectly functional building, it would be nice if the replacement at least had the virtue of architectural merit… And your other comments show how little city authorities consider the population and how it uses city spaces when they come up with the latest ‘beautification’ scheme. I doubt they ever take the bus or walk in the wind…


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