Goodbye, old friend

i02Call me crazy, either because I started this or because I won’t finish this.

I found this pattern by David Olesen in Douglas Hofstadter’s book Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern and immediately fell in love with it. But how could this be made into a fabric version? I had no clue.

i01After a couple of years of wondering, I’ve started this one in 1998. I got some batik fabrics, a lot of fusible interfacing and made 289 individual paper templates, roughly cut the fabrics and spray basted them to the templates to cut them out more precisely. I’ve managed to get two of the nine panels done. The plan was to satin stitch around the pieces to hide any cutting bloopers. I decided to give it up now because I neither have the time nor skill anymore to finish this, apart from the sheer size of about 6 ft square.

Would have been a real cracker if finished. But I was a little too ambitious, I suppose. 🙂

Some other projects will have to go as well or find a use in one form or another in a future project.


11 thoughts on “Goodbye, old friend

  1. There’s something vaguely Escher-esque about this pattern and the way it evolves, which I find very appealing. I can see why you love it, but I must applaud your decision to abandon it; the amount of work involved would have been phenomenal!


    • I would have loved to finish this one, but sadly it’s not going to happen because of lack of concentration and manual skills. Maybe I’ll include the panels in a future project.


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