Fabric Bowl

bowl1_01A couple of years ago I bought a copy of Linda Johanson’s Fast fun & easy fabric bowls (C&T Publishing, ISBN 1-57120-239-0). This is my first bowl from the book and certainly not a prizewinner in the ‘excellent workmanship’ category. The satin stitches are still a little wonky in places but this was my first try at satin stitching.

The stiff interfacing came with both sides already prepared for ironing on the fabrics so I didn’t need any fusible web. I have no idea what brand it is because I bought it so long ago. The fabrics came from my stash. The aqua/gold one is Gallery Fiori by Karen Tusinski/Lilla Roger Studio for P&B, the dark/gold one is Spot (3308) by Makower.

I didn’t take any process pictures with this one, but I’ve got interfacing for three more bowls so there may be some to come.

It’s reversible!


8 thoughts on “Fabric Bowl

  1. I have some large hexie papers lying unused – this gorgeous bowl makes me think I can somehow make use of them to maybe make a smaller version… It’s so elegant and clean, beautiful work!


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