Hemerocallis lily

hemerocallis01cAfter a lot of needlework it’s time for something different. Here’s one of my photographs, digitally transformed into a pastel drawing. I wish I had the skill to do that with real pastels. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Hemerocallis lily

    • Die Kreiden warten tatsächlich schon länger auf ihren Einsatz, wäre wohl langsam mal Zeit fĂĽr den einen oder anderen Versuch. Mal schauen.

  1. My sewing brain immediately started to transform this image into tiny pixel squares, to try and make patchwork from it. Sad, I know… A beautiful image. I like the pastel drawing filter, and I also like the pencil drawing filter some programs have.

    • I’ve got lead and colour pencil drawing filters as well as a pixel/tile filter which is usually my favorite but it didn’t work well on this picture.

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