Felted bowls

fk07Ald* and L*dl both had felting wool for sale on Tuesday. I got a package of each as I had considered felting in the washing machine for a while. The A package contained four balls of felting wool and a set of 8 mm bamboo dpns (20 centimeters long) plus instructions for a pair of felted slippers and a bonus pattern for felted bowls. The L package was cheaper with only four balls of yarn and instructions for slippers.


I decided to knit the small bowl pattern first. When I had reached the twenty stitches needed on each dpn it got a little tricky to handle. I knew I had some 8 mm dpns somewhere that came as a freebie with some magazine so I thought to add a sixth dpn to the set as I don’t have an 8 mm circular needle. It turned out the second set were 25 centimeters long so they came in very handy and I simply replaced the shorter ones. The bowl was finished in a few hours but I noticed I needed a lot more physical power to knit with such a big needle size. Like knitting with pencils. 😉

The L yarn was to be knit with 6 mm needles. I don’t have them, so I took out my 6 mm crochet hook and made the pattern up as I went.

Felting instructions for the teal yarn said to put it into the washing machine at 40° C for two hours, adding three tennis balls for a better result. I don’t have tennis balls.

Felting instructions for the blue and white yarn said to put it into the washing machine at 60° C, add some towels and wash, repeat if desired. I do have towels.*

So both examples went into the washing machine at 60° C with some added towels. I could hardly wait to see the result. They came out quite decent, could have been worse. Their bottoms are perfectly flat (unlike mine 😀 ).

Each bowl is made of two balls. Shrinkage during the felting process on both brands is 30 to 40 percent according to the leaflet. The blue and white one shrunk about 25 percent, the  teal one lost about 50 percent of its height, not so much in diameter. Strange.

fk04bowls still drying, shot in the romantic surroundings of my bathroom

I’ve still got half of the yarn left and already got an idea for the next bowl but need to think about the pattern first.


*Now I have towels with stains. Hope they wash out again.


13 thoughts on “Felted bowls

    • Felting in the washing machine was something I wanted to try for quite a while. I hope the towels will lose their additional colour. If not, no great harm done, I used some cheap ones. 🙂


  1. Love those bowls, especially the teal one (said she who wears a teal tunic). I’ve made pot holders with machine felting, and have a slipper pattern. I think worries about finished size is holding me back, maybe I should just get going? And if the result is unwearable, use them for teddy bear stuffing?


    • I found the bowls didn’t shrink as much as it said on the packages (30 to 40 percent) but they suggested a second felting cycle if desired (I didn’t do that). Why not give the slippers a try?

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