The design is by Rozen Lucas for DMC. Stitched with Anchor threads on a scrap of cream 25 ct evenweave (cotton?), two over two.

I loved this one the minute I saw it. Back then, I didn’t do much cross stitch, I was more like a patchwork addict. What’s more, I couldn’t locally buy the DMC threads needed. Nowadays thread conversion is easy thanks to the internet. I kept the torn out pages in my project folder all those years.

Recently, I put this project on my to do list for October but after preparing the fabric and collecting the threads a mysterious power (the one all crafters know) forced me to start it on the spot. That was a quick one, only six days of stitching. Not whole days, mind you, only the odd hour in-between other things. I seem to get a certain routine cross stitching. 😉

I think it deserves a nice little frame.


5 thoughts on “Nautilus

  1. I do too! Glad to see I wasn’t far wrong… It’s quite lovely, a pity it’s not much larger, so you could make a cushion out of it. Or maybe you already have too many cushions.

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