From the Bronx to the Country

hexies14Lana Grossa Meilenweit Bronx, colour #6704, 100 grams, 55 pieces

hexies15Gründl Hot Socks Country, colour #35, 100 grams, 55 pieces

I’ve added both to the Hexie project page. More colours already on the way.

I’ve now made an inventory of my ufos/wips. Depending on the way I count the number is now between 62 and 75. 😉 Each month some of them will go on a list. This method worked well for my daily stuff for the last few months so I’m optimistic about my craft projects. 👍

Since Wednesday, I’m no longer on the sick list. But as I’ve no longer got a job I had to apply for unemployment benefit. They gave me half a ton’s worth of forms to fill in and return. The monthly sum my health insurance paid me was just about enough to cover my expenses, UB is a quarter less. As soon as I’ve got the written notice I’ll have to apply for a little extra money from the housing office hoping this will cover at least my fixed expenses. Luckily, I’ve saved a small sum for hard times so I don’t have to queue for free food. And I’m used to an economical way of living so I’ll be okay.


6 thoughts on “From the Bronx to the Country

  1. Your hexies are quite beautiful. I would love to see the graduation of the green/ teal/ grey/ yellow sitting together.
    My sympathies on your situation. It’s such a worry being unemployed when you’re sick. 5 years ago, I was single, and found myself suddenly unemployed. A month later, I discovered I had cancer. It was the hardest work getting the Social Security people to understand that I really, truly *couldn’t* look for work… Things were very scary for a while there…


    • I haven’t decided on the layout yet but have got some ideas and will try them out as soon as I’ve got all hexies finished.
      Last week I did a test calculation on the unemployment agency’s website and was quite *surprised* of the result. I had a very unpleasant time after that. 🙂 I’d be allowed to work for up to fifteen hours a week while being unemployed but can only keep a very small sum of the earnings. Which again will lead to a cut regarding the money from the housing office. A nice cost-benefit ratio – guess who’s staying at home. 😉
      I have asked for special support in finding a new job, one that will fit my needs after I got a further diagnosis recently concerning a personality disorder. No, I’m not dangerous to myself or the public and I do not suffer from it – it’s just a description of how I am and react and it helped me a lot in understanding my situation. Because of this, I will also try to get a degree of disability which might be helpful if they try to fire me again some time.
      Somehow I had the impression that the people at the unemployment agency were slightly relieved when I mentioned health issues and arranged for a report on that matter. Then someone else will be responsible for getting me a new job. 😉 Which will take a while, no doubt.
      Renting a new flat is now moved to the bottom of the list, of course.


      • On the positive side, you have a lot more time for sewing… We have a number of people with Aspergers syndrome in the family who often find it hard getting work or accommodation because people misunderstand. It’s good that you will hopefully be getting some help in that regard…


        • My health issues are similar to Aspergers syndrome. By chance I watched a tv report about a young woman with Asperger’s and thought ‘that’s me’. I had a test and a negative result but that was a nudge in the right direction.
          Between all the appointments ahead there will hopefully be some time left for sewing and crafting. I’ve got a bit of a pile of ufos to finish, after all. 😉

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  2. I recognize your problem. Me too have been living “between” jobs and no help from society. You don´t think this would happened in Sweden, a welfare state, but it does. My husband and I were both very depressed, had to see a doctor, but only my husband got money from the regional social insurance office. I, who had been working full time for years, wasn´t allowed any, cause I had finished one employment and started work as a temporary (the Swedish word is “vikarierande”. My dictionary couldn´t give me a better word) and had forget to report it to the employment office in time. So we lived several years on almost nothing and with some help from our parents. I´m so glad those days are over now. We still don´t have much money, but we´ll managed!


    • Several years sounds really hard to get through. 😓 If you miss a deadline in Germany they only cut your money for a couple of weeks. Even if you work or want to work part time or as a temp you’d get a small amount according to the number of hours.
      The good thing is I’ve got savings so I don’t have to make debts yet. I’ll get enough unemployment benefit to pay the rent, electrical power and water, newspaper, phone/internet and bus ticket. The money I expect from the housing office will hopefully cover the monthly fee for my additional pension insurance so I only have to pay my food and personal care from my savings.
      First thing I need to find out is how to write a proper application, things have changed so much. There’s free services (print, scan, copy, email) and advice offered by the agency, I’ve got an appointment tomorrow. There’s a good chance they’ll even refund the postage I spend for applications, just need to fill in a form.

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