All new! Well, almost…

For a couple of months I had a little fun with this, as some of you may know. Now look –

kueche01All new! Well, almost…

Yesterday I finally had some workers in, they removed the mouldy stuff in the kitchen and the living room and replaced a couple of plasterboards. The painter slapped on some wallpaper, painted most of the kitchen and did the remaining paint job today. Tomorrow the leaky heaters in the bathroom and the bedroom will be replaced. Some smaller repairs have been done already. The joiner has ordered a new custom made countertop for the kitchen which will be there in two or three weeks time.

So I’m through the worst now (hopefully) although I was told the roofer might be around soon to check the loggia’s drain and maybe do some work there.

Except for the bedroom and the bathroom, the whole flat is covered in a dusty layer as there are no doors separating my living room from the kitchen and hallway. Apart from the fact that everyone left their trademarks everywhere. More cleaning fun expected in the bathroom and the bedroom after heater replacement.

If contrary to my expectations cleaning should get boring at some point I’m ready to slip in some needlework. Be prepared. You’ll never know.


5 thoughts on “All new! Well, almost…

    • KĂŒche und Flur sind schon wieder feingemacht, Bad und Schlafzimmer wegen der noch leckenden neuen Heizkörper nicht, und im Wohnzimmer liegt noch fingerdick der Staub. Da muß ich jedes. einzelne. Teil. in die Hand nehmen. Und wenn sie tatsĂ€chlich noch den Balkon aufreißen sollten… Ich will hier weg. 😩


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