Brainless cross stitch

dwxs1_01It’s a little hard to concentrate on almost anything for me these days for reasons mentioned in my last post so I picked up work on my last Doctor Who cross stitch kit. There are large areas in a single colour to stitch across the piece. A little brainless cross stitch is just the right thing at the moment.

7 thoughts on “Brainless cross stitch

  1. Hmmm… Not entirely brainless, I suggest, since you do of course need to do a little counting. But it does look fairly undemanding. Looking forward to the completion of this latest incarnation of The Doctor.


    • It’s quite simple stitching, just make sure to start and end the lines at the right place without too much counting. Confetti stitching to follow later.
      I’ve added a bookbinding page under projects if you haven’t already noticed. This was one of the things I was going to mention in my post before I hit the publish button by mistake. 🙂 And more hexies coming up soon.

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      • I’ve just been to have a look at bookbinding – it’s explained very clearly. When you’re glueing the front and back pages of the block of pages, would it help to put a larger sheet of scrap paper between the page you’re glueing and the rest, to protect the other pages? Also, is your bone tool the same as a Hera marker?


        • It’s a very good idea to use a sheet of scrap paper, they obviously haven’t thought about that. You could also use a Hera marker, it’s similar to a bone marker which has straight edges instead of curved ones. I used both plastic and wooden markers.

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  2. das ist ja wirklich schwer. Wäre einfacher gewesen, Du hättest evtl. die anderen Farben daneben gestickt. Ich habe auch schon viel gestickt. Neulich eine ganze Handtasche auf Stramin. Hat ein paar Wochen gedauert, sieht aber mit dem alten Bügel sehr schön aus. Gruß Mitza


    • Sticken braucht seine Zeit, muĂźte ich auch schon festellen. FĂĽr mich ist es einfacher, erst die eine Farbe zu sticken und dann die nächste. Der ständige Farbwechsel macht mich ganz hibbelig. 🙂 Zeigst Du mal die Tasche auf Deinem Blog? GruĂź Jule

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