Kiel Week 2016 – Shot of the day #3

kiwo16_07A view along part of Kiellinie, the waterfront promenade, and the Kieler Förde (Firth of Kiel)

After taking a deep breath I boarded the cabin of a rotating viewing platform to view my hometown from above. I was too busy taking photographs to become afraid of the height.

During Kiel Week, Kiellinie is one of the main places for amusement of different kinds – music, street artists, games and of course, food and drink. You could almost forget it’s also a huge sailing event because most of the sailing takes place at Schilksee, a suburb nearer to the Baltic Sea than the inner city.

Next week, the tent stage and ferris wheel and everything else will be gone, and we will have the city for ourselves again. 😉

On the far side of the firth lie the communities of Laboe (with the cenotaph sticking out of the green), Heikendorf with Kitzeberg’s beach, and Mönkeberg with its marina. (left to right)

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