Bookbinding For Dummies

I (aka the dummy) made this


from this (plus some blank pages and a rubber band.)


Today I spontaneously decided to take a little bookbinding class offered by a local workshop, Werkstatt am Drachensee. Drachensee Foundation employ handicapped people who, among other things, make beautiful craft items (textile/paper) which are then sold.

Making this little notebook was a lot of fun. I paid only a small fee to cover for the material. As they have now decided to offer this class all week long I might go and make another one. They had such pretty papers and I’d love to have another notebook bound with some discarded nautical chart.


11 thoughts on “Bookbinding For Dummies

    • This is a special Kiel Week offer, I’ve never seen this before. Maybe there are evening classes at the adult education institutions. Alas, I can’t write a proper tutorial, but I took some process photos so I could do a small introduction later. I’m off to another Kiel Week adventure now.

      • Nothing so nice available here… Process photos would be great, with perhaps some clarification here and there? Have fun, it sounds as if Kiel is a wonderful place to be this week!

        • And a crowded place too. 😀 I have decided to take another class this week (more pictures) but haven’t decided on the day yet. Maybe I can find out more about the material needed and where to get them, especially the fabric for the spine and the pre-bound blank pages. Cardboard and paper should be no problem. We used a special bookbinding glue but I think a substitute will do.

    • Danke, Nachschub ist in Planung. HĂ€tte Lust auf 1 – 2 weitere, mit Seekarten-Einband und vielleicht mit meinen eigenen Marmorpapieren.

      • Ja, aus so Marmorpapieren kann man tolle Sachen machen: ZettelkĂ€sten, CD-Halter, Visitenkartenhalter etc. oder auch mit Deckel fĂŒr Schmuck etc.

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