SAL Update – DWXS1 #4 & Finish

Last time-

To those who demanded the Doctor’s head, I can oblige –

Apart from that, you’ll notice I put in some background stitches as well. You really didn’t expect me to bore you with the umpteenth update on the background progress, did you? 😀

As I mentioned last time, I had a little floss conversion issue. The replacement for DMC 3747 should have been Anchor 120 and not 1020. In addition, the replacements for DMC 157 and 159 also were Anchor 120, according to my table. Time for a little improvisation.

I had DMC 3747 in my stash, so I used it. For DMC 159 I used ANC 120 as suggested. Then I replaced DMC 157 with ANC 1031. All of them were background stitches, so it wasn’t crucial to use the exact colour.

And I made another adjustment for DMC 793/ANC 177 and DMC 3838/ANC 176 – I swapped them. It made more sense colourwise to have the darker blue floss moved to the border of the design.

The third Doctor Who cross stitch project finished this year and only two more left – not too bad, methinks. 🙂

And last but not least, please welcome our new member Sue at From the Magpie’s Nest. All the links to the other SAL participants are in the left sidebar as usual. (Edit: not, as I’m no longer I’m participatiing). We are scattered around the world in different time zones so not all the postings show up at the same time. Anyway, their sites are always worth visiting as they all have interesting projects on the go. (Apologies – I forgot to mention this last time.)


19 thoughts on “SAL Update – DWXS1 #4 & Finish

  1. What on earth will we do when you run out of DWXs? Perhaps you could find a great photo and run it through one of those conversion programs to turn it into an embroidery chart. Lovely finish!


    • I had a little bit of extra time because I’m not working currently (still on the sick list). Funny enough, cross stitch is the only thing I can concentrate on at all these days.


  2. Na also, geht doch. Jetzt hat er ja endlich einen Kopf. Sieht doch gleich viel vollständiger aus… 🙂
    Wie groß sind denn die Kreuzchen? Die sehen winzig aus. O.o


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