SAL Update – DWXS1 #3

Last time –

This time –

Lots of single stitches in different colours made progress a little slower than planned. 🙂

The pattern uses DMC colours which I converted to Anchor threads using a conversion table by Purple Kitty Yarns. A little surprise was waiting for me. According to the table, the matching colour for DMC 3747 was ANC 1020. Maybe not quite the match you would expect. 😉

Luckily, I had some DMC 3747 left in my stash from my previous DW project.

There’s another little colour conversion challenge coming up. I’ll tell you about that next time.


16 thoughts on “SAL Update – DWXS1 #3

    • I just found out it was a typo – it should have read 120 instead of 1020. I’ve got ANC 120 but it’s still a different kind of blue. More about that in my next update three weeks on.

  1. Looks as if Himself is materialising slowly, rather like the Tardis. Only, from the bottom up… You can tell it’s DWX from the colour of his coat; he was a very snappy dresser!

    • Should have been 120 instead of 1020. – There are three DMC colours in this piece which are supposed to be converted into Anchor 120 – I’ll have to improvise a little I guess. 😉

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