Rainbow Blanket Finished

Although I finished the blanket last summer (2015) I only managed to weave in the ends about three weeks ago. I started the blanket more than fifteen years ago but got stuck because I didn’t find the kind of blue yarn I wanted. The lighter blue yarn I used is a compromise I made to finally get the blanket finished. The yarns are different brands of acrylic (the blue one contains 20 percent wool) and I used a 3,5 mm hook.

The pattern came from a free and currently misplaced sheet I picked up at a local department store and is made of alternating rows of double crochets and two half double crochets (2tog) and a chain. (Does that make sense to you?) Size is 142 x 192 cms (approx. 4′ 20″ x 6′ 10″).


5 thoughts on “Rainbow Blanket Finished

  1. Wow. It looks lovely and the pattern is very interesting too. Might have to try it myself (on something much smaller mind!)

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