Ten Stitch Twist Finished

Well, almost. I just need to weave in a couple of ends. 😉
It looks a lot more blue than it is in reality but as usual, it was hard to get the colours right in the picture. This one comes closer to the real thing –

This is my version of Franki Brown’s Ten Stitch Twist. The second one, to be exact. I frogged the first one because I didn’t like the colour scheme.

I used a couple of sock yarns from my stash, about 680 grams total. You can find some information on the yarns on the Ten Stitch Twist project page. The pattern also had an instruction for a tapered edge but I have to admit I didn’t get it (neither in English nor in German) so I simply bound off. My brain isn’t what it used to be these days. *sigh*

15 thoughts on “Ten Stitch Twist Finished

  1. It’s a wonderful piece of work. The colours you’ve used make me think of a geode or fossil cut in half and polished, there’s something almost mineral about it. How big is the finished thing?


    • It was so much fun to make. The diameter is 140 cms, I almost finished round 15. I’d love to make a couple of ‘mineral’ or ‘geological’ themed things and already have a small crochet project going on. 🙂


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