Introducing DWXS3

Now that my cross stitch project DWXS5 has been completed, gently hand washed and is currently drying (more soon) it’s time to fill one of the vacant virtual project baskets again.

For this, I have chosen another Doctor Who cross stitch project which I call DWXS3. This time I’m stitching a sepia portrait of the tenth Doctor, a kit from Designer Cross Stitch which came with a piece of 14 ct Aida. It has been lying around half finished for quite a while now, so I thought it a good choice.

Yes, I know. My blog’s a little bit on the Doctor-y side these days, but that’s also what I’m dealing with in real life currently – doctors. They’re still working on a proper diagnosis but on the brighter side, it doesn’t seem like anything life-threatening. You’re not getting rid of me. 😀

OK, here’s what I stitched so far –

3 thoughts on “Introducing DWXS3

  1. Unmistakeable, even without a face! He has a distinctive slender neck and those sideburns gave the game away. I hope you receive a firm diagnosis soon, and that it’s not something too difficult to deal with. Fingers crossed!


    • I think I’ll have to wait until about mid-March for the last one. As long as I don’t have to take pills I’m quite fine. If they happen to reach their destination (aka my stomach) at all, they’re giving me a hard time no matter what they’re supposed to be for or against. 😩
      On the plus side I’m having a little extra time to stitch as I’m on sick leave at least until the end of February.


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