New SAL Project: DWXS1

This is a scheduled post. Feel free to leave your comments – I will answer them as soon as possible.

For a while I wondered if I should continue in this SAL as I’m a little indisposed these days but then I decided not to give in.

I’ve got a couple of running projects as well as some kits and patterns, so which one to chose? Finally, I went for my ‘problem child’ which hasn’t seen any progress for about a year. It’s my first Doctor Who cross stitch pattern which I have downloaded from, shared by user Solobacc. I’ve only got the pattern, but this is how it’s supposed to look like.

I’m stitching on a scrap of 18 ct. white Aida which is just big enough for the design but too small for a hoop. Maybe that’s why I left it untouched for a while.

After picking it up again, there has been a little progress already.

18 thoughts on “New SAL Project: DWXS1

  1. It’s a fun project. Could you baste strips of muslin round the outside of the aida so it will fit in a hoop? Maybe you’d enjoying working on it a bit more… I hope you will feel better soon, I have missed seeing posts from you. xx


    • Actually, I’ve already thought of doing so but it must have seeped away in the twists and loops of my poor old brain. 😉 I’m still on the sick list and will be seeing my doctor again next Friday. 😦 But, with a little luck on my side, I’ll be able to cobble together the odd post or two.


  2. I’m going to echo what Kate has commented. I had a project that wasn’t quite big enough to fit in the frame that I wanted to use so I stitched some fabric around it which worked a treat. The fabric was some left over from when I recycled an old cotton pillow case.


  3. I don’t use a frame for most of my projects. Just as long as you don’t pull the stitches too tight or leave to loose you will be fine. And a stitch at a time will get you there. And you can’t beat Dr Who!


    • I’m afraid I already have pulled a little too tight occasionally although I took some care not to 😳 I think I’ll go for the basting so I can use a hoop.


  4. I don’t like using a hoop & never have for cross stitch. The colours are very much the same & stitching is so dense. You have done a fantastic amount, just keep going as you feel like it , or until you are distracted by something else.


  5. excellent project for the SAL. We’ll help keep you motivated!
    and, like some of the comments above, I don’t use hoops unless I really have to.


    • I prefer a hoop although I’ve stitched some small pojects without using one. Motivation is always welcome, maybe I can redirect it to my everyday work. 😉


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