To bin or not to bin

– that’s the question

Let’s face the truth, I’ve messed it. I’m talking of the Skipping Stones quilt top.

After hours of careful piecing and redoing a few of the seams I had the finished rows on my design wall. Some of them went together quite well, others are significantly longer. No way to make them fit.

Dave the Muse, consulted for a solution, said ‘Bin it, unpick and resew it or make it into an art quilt.’

Binning is out of the question, of course. And I haven’t got any spare time for ripping and resewing as the next project is already calling my name. So art quilt it is.

Pulling every other row slightly to one side, I sewed the rows together, chopping off quite a couple of the matching points I was so proud of, but heck. That’s what the artist intended.


9 thoughts on “To bin or not to bin

  1. Can I just tell you that I *love* this? It needs a new name, though. It looks like rock strata that have shifted due to an earthquake, or the way things blur when there is strong vibration. Call it ‘Tectonic Movement’ and show it off proudly, it’s fabulous!

    • I like the way it came out, it has more movement than the original pattern. I thought of giving it a new name already, ‘Skipping Stones’ was only the working title anyway. Now I need to shop for batting. 🙂

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