Negotiations with my sewing machine

Another mean green machine

Me: You’re a sewing machine, you’re supposed to sew.
She, slightly offended: I’m not a sewing machine, I’m a Pfaff.

My sewing machine, a Pfaff Performance 2058, is really a she – as moody as a female teenager. And as for the performance bit, she’s quite good at performing her moods. I’ve heard this from other Pfaff owners before.

I had been looking for a pattern to use a couple of batiks in autumn colours. A while back I found a block called Circle of Friends. Kate had made the block in her F²F challenge in September and I fell in love with that one. But it took a little while before the batiks and the block came together.

My hand piecing skills aren’t what they used to be so the new project called for a little machine piecing. Thus the negotiations with my machine.

Cutting the fabric for nine blocks took half a morning, then sewing was on the agenda. It went relatively well, maybe because I dropped the words scrap metal occasionally. Anyway, I had to take the first block apart completely and had to resew it because of a little too much wonkiness for my taste.

A couple of mismatched seams later, I’ve got a new quilt top. I already have an idea how to quilt it.


7 thoughts on “Negotiations with my sewing machine

  1. I love the way you’ve used the block, it’s very subtle with the low contrast fabrics. I shall be very interested to see what your plan is for the quilting!

    • The picture is a little ‘blah’ and the contrast is better in the finished top. I’m planning to quilt some circles into the center squares but I’m not sure about more quilting yet.

      • It’s definitely ‘quieter’ than the one I made! I had the idea that you have a circle of circles, maybe the quilting could be linked circles. I’m looking forward to see where you take it.

  2. Last spring I sew a table runner using that pattern. it´s a great pattern! My mother had a mean green machine. 🙂 My sister took it and gave it away to one of her daughters!

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