Hexies – Again

It’s been a little quiet around here lately. But I haven’t been idle. Among other things, I was working on the refinement of the knitted hexies – which didn’t prove successful in the end. So I frogged what I had and went looking for another pattern. I ended up with my volume of Brigitte häkeln from the 70s, tried the crochet hexies et voilá!

The hexies are about the same size as the knitted ones and also take the same time to make (fifteen minutes each), using a 2 mm hook. I’ll need at least 1,188 hexies if I stick to the planned size. Estimated time for delivery: early winter 2017.


7 thoughts on “Hexies – Again

  1. I really think I prefer these; the way the stitches radiate out from the centre works in harmony with the shape, whereas the horizontal lines of the knitting wasn’t so effective. Love the colours so far. I think you’ll find yourself getting faster the more of these you make – perhaps we’ll see the finished thing at midsummer 2017 instead!

    • I prefer these too and made another dozen this afternoon. Slowly getting into practice. 🙂 Midsummer 2017 seems very optimistic, though. I’m hoping for more than 50 pieces out of one ball or I’ll have to stock up. Not that I mind 😉

    • I’ll have to finish the Ten Stich Twist first (two more colours to go), at the moment the hexies are still a side project.

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