Southwest Beauties – 1

I’m back in the SAL with Avis and Claire and everyone else, this time trying my luck as a gardener growing some cacti. Not a project that was on my list but a find when leafing through my small pattern collection searching for something completely different.

As I only had six individual cactus patterns on different torn out pages from a German craft magazine, Anna, I had to make a layout first. I shifted the patterns around until I was satisfied with the layout.

This time I’m not following the exact colour scheme but I’m taking some liberties using similar or different ones from my stash. For instance, I had some green floss left from the Beetles project which I’m using here for the cacti. The pots are stitched in lighter colours than the pattern suggested as I didn’t have the original ones in my stash.

A project that reminds me of a couple of days I spent in Albuquerque many years ago. I love the colours and the designs of the Southwest.

I have moved the links to the other participants in this SAL to the left sidebar. (Edit: removed) Not everyone is posting every time and we are in different time zones. Anyway, their sites are always worth a visit as they all have interesting projects on the go.


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