UFO Lottery #16 – Silks, teal

Now that Crossed Colour Bars is finished it’s time for Dave the Muse to draw the next project from the little food container. And the winner is…


Seide, türkis (Silks, teal)

A stupid name for that project, I’m only regarding it as a working title for now and will think of something better.

I will fill up the top and bottom with black triangles. There was just enough fabric left to make them. But now I’ve got a problem. None of the local fabric stores are currently stocking that black silk I need for the back.

Make do with what I have, then. In this case a dark blue piece of silk from my stash that has just the right size.


4 thoughts on “UFO Lottery #16 – Silks, teal

  1. Good choice, Dave! I love this piece, the design reminds me of ripples or waves, and the colours are beautifully watery too – the small squares are like the ‘ping’ of light you get off waves in the sun.


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