Crossed Colour Bars Finished

The thread I used for sewing around the border kept tangling so I put this piece aside for a couple of days after two of the seams were done. I gave it another try yesterday and finished it today during my lunch break. I solved the thread tangling by pulling the thread only a little through the needle at the end.

This is the third and last panel made of 3 cm squares (576 of them) in the English paper piecing technique, the finished size is again 75.5 cms square.

For the borders I made half inch strips with my bias maker from a batik similar in colour than I used for the ‘cross’. The backing fabric is folded to the inside and I used my favorite hemming technique for finishing. The sewing was done with variegated amber buttonhole thread.

backing fabric


3 thoughts on “Crossed Colour Bars Finished

    • I’m usally waxing my sewing threads except silk. With this buttonhole thread the loose end always wound itself around the other and caused tangles and knots. This spool had already caused problems on my sewing machine so I had dedicated it to hand sewing. Maybe I’ll use it for some art project later.

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