‘Cross I’ Finished

Another finish. 🙂 This was the first project I made cutting up quarter yard pieces of six fabrics and sewing them back together in the same way as they came from my cutting mat. In this case I used two quarters each of three different fabrics. They came from some surprise medleys I ordered several times from an American company so I had some doubles.

The panel is made of 3 cm squares (576 of them) in the English paper piecing technique, the finished size is 75.5 cms square.

Again, for the borders I made half inch strips with my bias maker from the same dark red batik I used for the ‘cross’. The backing fabric is folded to the inside and I used my favorite hemming technique for finishing. The sewing was done with red buttonhole thread.

backing fabric


2 thoughts on “‘Cross I’ Finished

  1. A work of great patience and subtlety. The colours are beautiful together, and it just goes to show that serendipity has a lot to contribute when arranging the pieces of a quilt!

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