‘Cross II’ Finished

Another one off the list. Cross I is also finished, I’ll blog about that one later. That leaves me with only twelve more to finish from the UFO Lottery (and a half, as Crossed Colour Bars is already on my ironing board). I’m only one year behind schedule. Not bad. 🙂

I’ve called this Cross II because I wanted to let the colours cross each other. After lots of rearranging I came up with this chessboard strips layout instead. The panel is made of 3 cm squares (576 of them) in the English paper piecing technique, the finished size is 75 cms square.

For the borders I made half inch strips with my bias maker. The backing fabric is folded to the inside and I used my favorite hemming technique for finishing. The sewing was done with turquoise buttonhole thread (I forgot to take a close-up).

The fabric I’ve chosen for the back of this project is a bold yellow/red/green batik. As it wasn’t big enough I cut up a fat quarter of the same design in red. It seems a little off-kilter in the picture but I assure you all seams and angles are perfectly straight as they are supposed to be. 🙂 At least my new camera is delivering the colours a little more natural than the pocketcam under the poor lighting conditions in my hallway (my design wall has currently been taken over by something else).


2 thoughts on “‘Cross II’ Finished

  1. Oh, bravo! This is a close second favourite after the alien swimming pool; your batik collection is enviable, and this is such a good use of them. Beautiful gradations, and a bold and striking back. What’s next?


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