Once Upon A Time – Stage 10

Here is la petite Stéphanie (Little Stephanie, and you’ve already guessed it, she’s Stéphan’s daughter), a small Stegosaurus. This time I replaced two of the original colours with similar ones from my stash as I had run out of the ‘right’ ones.

And last but not least, soaring above and watching the scene is Ramses, the Rhamphorhynchus, a long tailed pterosaur.

Well, that’s this project finished. I’ve not decided yet what to do with the panel – maybe a cushion or a bag.

The pattern itself wasn’t hard to make. But it was a little challenging because of the various grey tones printed for the idividual colours. I did pick the wrong thread colours a couple of times although I checked with the cover – which in some places also differed from the pattern. And as I mentioned before, I replaced some of them intentionally because I had run out of floss. Fortunately, using the ‘right’ thread colurs for this project wasn’t too crucial and I’m glad about how it turned out.

I’ll be missing both of the August postings and will return to this SAL in September. Lots of other things are calling my name at the moment.

Here are the links to the blogs of the other SAL participants – not all of us are posting every time, and we are in different time zones, but their blogs are always worth a visit –

Avis, Claire, Gun, Kate, Carole, Alison, Elizabeth, Wendy, LucyAnn, Cathy, Jacqui, and Jess


21 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time – Stage 10

  1. It’s such a fun piece, and such an unusual subject – I mean, anyone can do flowers or fluffy creatures, but only you would think so differently! Congratulations, it’s splendid.

  2. Well done on a finish – it looks great. Do let us know how you decide to finish it off. Enjoy your change of focus for August and look forward to you rejoining us in September – can’t wait to see your next project.
    Alison x

  3. This is such a fun project and it’s so well stitched too. We’ve had butterflies, beetles and dinosaurs so I’m intrigued as to what you will choose next. Enjoy the break from the SAL. See you soon 🙂

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