Once Upon A Time – Stage 8

Only some ancient horsetails today, as I was busy with so many other things. As I miscounted on Dimitryi’s tail, I had to improvise a little with the plants – and picked a wrong colour because the chart is a little hard to read, but never mind. 🙂

I’m linking to the other participants of this SAL – not all of us are posting every time, and we are in different time zones, but their blogs are always worth a visit –

Avis, Claire, Gun, Kate, Carole, Alison, Elizabeth, Wendy, LucyAnn, and please welcome our new member Cathy.


17 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time – Stage 8

    • Ah, that’s it – it’s his fault not mine. 😉 Just a couple of additional stitches in the ‘wrong’ colour.

  1. I love how this is growing! The dinosaurs look great, wrong tail or not! Looking forward to the next member of the gang!
    Alison x

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