I Know I Shouldn’t …

… start another project. But my box full of sock yarns was calling so loudly I could no longer ignore it. Last weekend I tried out a couple of patterns, but finally decided to knit another Ten Stitch pattern by Franki Brown, Franki’s Ten Stitch Twist.

Last year, I failed knitting the Ten Stitch Blanket and Ten Stitch Zigzag patterns, but this one was an instant success. Once I had knit beyond the center, everything went almost by itself. Just put the marker in and keep counting the ridges between the short rows.



9 thoughts on “I Know I Shouldn’t …

  1. Gorgeous colours! I can see why you were tempted. It’s also very encouraging when something goes right from the start, because it makes you feel it was meant to happen. Now, what I’d really like to see is the last one in use…. It was a great shot for the post, but I have no idea how it looks ON.

    • Wie immer sind die Farben auf dem Bild nur ein schwacher Eindruck. Bin gespannt, wie weit ich mit meinen “Resten” komme, das Zeug muß endlich Platz machen. 🙂

  2. I love these projects you are working on. Both the one from your last post and this one. Using yarn to do spomething else than socks or sweaters are so great and fun! My brain have started working…… 🙂

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