UFO Lottery #13, #14, and #15 – Cross II, Cross I, Crossed Colour Bars

Full steam ahead – although I got stuck a bit with Blue Tiles. One of the border strips had a lot of creases ironed into it which I only noticed after it was halfway sewn into place. 😦 Repair work is done now and the last border strip is waiting to be attached.

So – what’s next?

I’ve called this Cross II because that was what I wanted to do – like I did in Crossed Colour Bars (see below). After rearranging them several times without success I decided to make chessboard strips instead which is looking more pleasing to the eye. (The picture above doesn’t do the colours justice.)

The fabric I’ve chosen for the back of this project is a bold yellow/red/green batik. Unfortunately, it wasn’t big enough. I’ve found a fat quarter with the same pattern in red and cut it into three parts. From one of them I cut two smaller bits to join to the other ones. Bad luck never sleeps, as a former boss of mine used to say. The patchwork equivalent is ‘Measure twice, cut once’. Well – I had to cut the remaining piece into two parts and then sewed them to the other ends of the strips. Fits perfectly now. 🙂

The fabric for the border strips is cut and ironed. I just have to choose a matching thread for sewing.

Now I need to convince my muse to do me a favor.

‘I’ve got an idea. You know I already chose the fabrics for some of the projects. You can’t draw them by sheer coincidence, can you?’
‘No cheating.’
‘Oh, please. Just a little. No one will know. I’d love to sew them next.’
He grumbles, but draws the next two projects.

And by sheer coincidence, we have Cross I and Crossed Colour Bars. How does he do this?

#Hey-ho, hey-ho, it’s off to work we go# 🙂

Happy Easter, all!


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