I Hereby Declare Thee Finished

My version of Stephen West’s Spectra scarf, that is. After 105 pattern repeats I bound off. There was still some yarn left for three or four more, but I wanted this finished. Still unblocked, and I have to weave in the loose ends yet.


6 thoughts on “I Hereby Declare Thee Finished

  1. Oh, well done! It’s amazing how much you can get done in uninterrupted days off, isn’t it? I’m very much looking forward to seeing it tidied up and blocked, and the colours are wonderful. I’m hoping to have a finish to show myself on Monday, but all sorts of things are getting in the way… 😦

    • I only did the last four repeats yesterday because I was a little tired of sewing. 🙂 Some progress made and more stitching ahead which I will post about the next couple of days. My housekeeping duties are killing me. 😉

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