Running Out Of TARDIS Blue

My own fault. I had ordered only one skein of that special blue unaware of the fact that I needed two of them. As there were some other colours missing as well I made a new online order at my trusty cross stitch shop. Should be here in a couple of days. (I also ‘needed’ a piece of black Aida for a new and yet secret project of mine.)

I had been looking forward to this long weekend for a while. Another Friday and Monday off, my last two days left from last year. Focus was on cross stitch and I had lined up my current projects side by side to stitch whatever I felt like. Dave the Muse gave me some patterns for Modern Art of which I made one with the background still missing.

Then I began to work on the TARDIS part of my latest Tenth Doctor project. It’s a design from Stitcherydoo that traveled all the way from Down Under about two years ago. I started in November on 16 ct. white Aida using the suggested DMC threads. In my sleepy little hometown all they sell are Anchor and Rico floss so I had to mail order the DMC threads.

Stitch count is 158 x 165. I’ve now decided to complete the right side first after starting in the lower left hand corner because the stitched area will become a little stiff and it’s going to be easier to handle if I stitch from right to left.

I started with this on Friday.

What I made on the weekend

This afternoon I had an appointment in the city center. Afterwards I went for some more floss for the ‘black project’ mentioned above and another skein of dinosaur thread. Also, 30 percent off on Rico floss at the next shop, an offer I couldn’t resist as this meant 0.70 € per skein (approx. 50 p UK/0.78 $ US/1 $ AUS). 50 new and exciting colours jumped into my shopping basket in no time. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Running Out Of TARDIS Blue

  1. Very impressive progress! I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds things jumping into my basket, particularly the ‘just in case’ kind which are reduced… I just bought an 8m roll of batting for 30% off, which makes it a massive bargain.

    • I love a little ‘just in case’ bargain. 🙂
      Jumping craft supplies are of the more harmless kind. Jumping chocolates are far more dangerous. 😉

      • Luckily I am able to resist those. My coeliac diet means that most kinds of chocolate are a bit hazardous. Now, cheeses, or mangos, or icecream, they’re notorious jumpers!

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