Blue Tiles – Update

I haven’t got much to show except for the beautiful batik fabric I’ve chosen for the back. Only one of the border strips is in place yet, as last week I didn’t take any lunch break project with me. I will take this one with next week and think I will have finished it by next weekend. Which will be a long one as I have Friday and Monday off – I’ll focus on my cross stitch projects. 🙂

Yes, I’m being generous with my stashed fabrics. I’ve already chosen the backings and borders for three more projects, I think I mentioned that in my last post already. One back has to be pieced together but I think that will look quite decent.

Something completely unrelated, but I’d like to tell you that my Low German blog Jule un de PlattbĂ€r was the subject of an article in the local newspaper yesterday. The lady who writes for the bi-weekly Low German page emailed me about two weeks ago and called me last week. She was going to write about stuffed animals and a book called ‘Much Loved’ by Mark Nixon who had portrayed much loved, old and more or less disintegrating stuffies. That was the main article, but I had my own. Or we had, as Teddy had also gotten a big picture. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blue Tiles – Update

  1. That is such beautiful fabric for the back. It almost needs framing as a piece of art; it’s like a view of the bottom of a swimming pool… And congratulations on your bear piece, what fun!

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