Blue Stripes Finished

I’ve finished this a couple of days ago but didn’t have the time to write this entry. As you may know, I’m always struggling with getting my housework done but I’m now trying out a new routine and it seems to work so far. This is my second ‘crafts only’ Sunday as I managed to get everything else done during the week. This morning, I’ve picked some fabrics for a couple of UFOs from my list as well as making the border strips for Blue Tiles, choosing the backing fabric and ironing it.

I had another strange experience when I made the back for Blue Stripes. I laid out the remaining and freshly ironed fabrics to see how they could be pieced together. It turned out it was easier than I had imagined. Only a couple of seams and it was done. There was enough fabric left to make matching binding strips.

No idea why I called it Blue Stripes. ‘Strips’ would have been more like it. Maybe because the word for ‘stripes’ and ‘strips’ is the same in German – ‘Streifen’.


5 thoughts on “Blue Stripes Finished

    • Das war schöner Stoff, mit leichtem Flanell auf der Rückseite, nähte sich richtig gut. – CDs müßte ich auch noch irgendwann mal durchsehen…

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