Exhibition – Häkellabor (Crochet Lab)

Two weeks ago I went to see another exhibition at the textile museum Tuch & Technik in Neumünster which was called Häkellabor (crochet lab). They were showing crocheted ‘soft sculptures’ by Katharina Krenkel. Unfortunately, taking pictures was a little challenging and I didn’t get exactly what I wanted. In some cases, I simply forgot to make notes about the titles of the works. Anyway, here are some of the shots.


Ordnung  (Order)

S. O. S. – Save Our Souls

Other works

If you’re interested, you can find some other pictures I took of their regular exhibition on the local textile industry on my photo blog The Pocketcamerade – click the TT Thursday category. (Edit: The blog is no longer public.)


3 thoughts on “Exhibition – Häkellabor (Crochet Lab)

  1. I think she must have been visiting your secret reef under the Baltic! Beautiful work; I’m not so fond of the rounded wiggly things in the boxes, they look a bit like intestines to me, but the rest is elegant, structured and fascinating. Much patience required, I think….


    • She must be crocheting 25 hours a day. There were some very interesting pieces which I couldn’t take decent pictures of, and even more in the catalogue for this exibition. My favorites are the grey ‘creatures’ which look a little prehistoric to me. 🙂

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