Storing Things

Last weekend, I’ve tried my best in getting things organized a little bit more at The UFO Garage & Fabric Depot as well as at The Boudoir which are sharing the same space. I’ve still got some cardboard boxes left, but it’s looking much better now. (Sorry for the poor quality of the shots, I had to take the pictures using artificial light.)

The new plastic bins on the left, already filled with goodies

My fabrics are stored in a drawer cabinet, three big plastic storage bins and lots of smaller containers. I’m keeping my scraps sorted by size in recycled food containers (potato salad, chocolates, ice cream, egg salad – to name but a few). Oh, and a rectangular bowl used by photographers for exposing their films has become a home for the bigger scraps.

The cabinet – half a cubic meter of fabrics inside

One of the drawers – yes, they’re are all filled to the rim

(and yes, that’s a Dalek)

6 thoughts on “Storing Things

  1. OK, you win! Your storage problem is several orders of magnitude greater than mine! But you do have some very impressive solutions and it does seem to be coming together very nicely and tidily. Thank you for the photos, it’s given me some ideas… 🙂


  2. Wow, ich schätze, dass mancher Handarbeitsladen nicht so gut bestückt ist. Alleine beim Gedanken, da Herr der Lage zu bleiben, fange ich an zu schwitzen… 😉
    Haha, ein Dalek, wie cool 🙂


    • Ja, für einen kleinen Laden dürfte es wohl reichen. 😉 Das Gute daran ist, daß ich so viel Zeugs habe, daß ich kaum noch dazukaufen brauche. Vieles habe ich allerdings auch geschenkt bekommen oder geerbt.
      Die Doctor-Who-Stoffe (ja, Mehrzahl) habe ich von Spoonflower (die drucken die Muster auf Bestellung), da habe ich etwas grob in Planung i. V. m. den Kreuzstich-Sachen. Kann also noch dauern.


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