Stone Rose – 2

‘It’s only windy when the cows fall over.’
(North German definition of ‘windy’)

I had planned to shop for some more plastic boxes on Friday but we had gale warnings for Friday and Saturday, with gusts up to 12 bft and a couple of storm surges on the western coast and low tides here in the east.

Friday morning it was raining heavily but it had stopped by noon with the sun peeking through the clouds occasionally so I took the chance and paid the DIY’s a visit. Despite the wind, I was able to get my pile of storage bins home unharmed.

The weather being really ugly again on Saturday, it was the perfect day for filling my boxes. Dave the Muse had made himself comfortable on my bed and was watching, becoming more and more excited about everything he saw coming out of the old cardboard boxes. Me, I was slowly getting into a state of mild desperation about all those goodies. (Note to self: I need to create.)

Believe it or not, I still have two boxes full of patchwork templates for English paper piecing despite discarding more than one and a half small garbage bins (a total of approx. 8 liters, a little more than 2 gallons) of old and used ones. What’s puzzling me is that I had the same two boxes before, so where was all that stuff? Obviously, I’m very good at stowing things as I had the same experience a couple of months ago when I discarded six big boxes of paper (180 liters or 47.5 gallons) and my cupboards are still well stuffed.

Although I have some cardboard boxes left I’m not going to shop for more storage bins.

But I digress. What I wanted to show you was the progress I made on Stone Rose. I have completed the remaining five center triangles and am now working on the next sections.


5 thoughts on “Stone Rose – 2

  1. There’s a chance we may share some of your weather later this week. There are two potential cyclone fronts brewing to the north east of Queensland… Good weather for quilting, embroidery and dressmaking, I feel. Can you take a photo of your creative storage for us? It sounds as if you have a lot to teach us about stowing things away!

    • Can you share the temparatures as well? I would love about 10° C more around here. 😉
      My recipe for storing things is simple: Stuff as much into the box/cupboard as possible. 😀 I will see about an ‘after’ photo – I haven’t taken ‘before’ photos.

      • I would LOVE to donate about 10° C from here; 27° C is too hot for midnight…. I really wanted to see what you are using for storage; my system isn’t really coping, especially with the scraps. Fixing the scraps is always on the To Do list, yet never, ever gets done…

        • My scraps are everywhere – in recycled food containers, plastic bags, proper boxes, on the floor. I’m afraid I’m not an expert in storing scraps. 😉 Post to follow soon.

          • Your scraps are no longer spilling out of shoeboxes, baskets and plastic bags. They are sorted. They are tidy. I will take inspiration wherever I can find it! I think Sorting Scraps needs to come a loooooong way further up my To Do list…

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