The Treasures Of The Boudoir

Hi! Dave the Muse here again.

As my assistant was busy putting things from cardboard boxes into plastic bins (not very successfully, I have to say) I thought I might write a little post about what is stored in all those boxes.

I’m getting very excited about all that stuff. There a loads of great things like ribbons and lace of all kind – old and new, handmade and by machine, narrow and wide. Glass and plastic beads, big and small. Various craft supplies. Samples of decorator’s fabrics, delicate sheers with glitter prints and rough burlap. Buttons and more buttons. Fancy knitting yarns and sock wool. Sequins, small semi-precious stones. Pieces of cheap jewelry, earrings. Embroidery floss, perle cotton. Found objects.

Box after box opens, spilling new stuff onto the carpet, making my head dizzy with ideas.

Hey, what about introducing some of the stuff to you while we’re waiting for my assistant to finish? I’ll pop over to The Boudoir again and try to get my hands on some of the treasures for a little series. (Edit: Sorry, never had a chance.)

See you,


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