Once Upon A Time – Stage 1

As my table runner is almost long enough and only needs to have the third repeat of the squares finished, I decided to stitch another project. But which one to chose? One of the 10th Doctors, the fall leaves, some new butterflies? Or – the dinosaurs, a pattern sheet I found again recently while I was looking for something completely different. This is a collection of different species from different eras. I bought this pattern more than fifteen years ago, according to the date printed on the back. Time to bring the beasts alive (again). 🙂

I’m stitching once more on the cream 25 ct evenweave which is now almost used up. This time I’m using three strands of floss over two threads.

Here’s the first one, a Brontosaurus or Apatosaurus. I had a bit of trouble with this one because I began stitching with a leftover skein of floss and ran out. I had more skeins of that colour but they obviously were from different dye lots. Believe it or not, I had three different shades of Anchor 398, something I haven’t experienced with any other colour. When I went hunting for the same shade I couldn’t find it in any of the shops. So this is made of different shades. Fortunately, this doesn’t show in the picture or in daylight, but more so in artificial light. What’s more, I had to unpick a great deal of the back because I miscounted my stitches. But I still managed to finish it just in time. Phew.

To give you an idea about the size: Dino is 20 centimeters/8″ long and 7.5 centimeters/3″ high.

Here are the links to the other ladies’ blogs who are stitching along:

Avis, Claire, GunCarole, Eleanor, Alison, Elizabeth, and Wendy

8 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time – Stage 1

    • The Flintstones was one of my favorite TV programmes. When I was a child I had hand puppets of Fred and Barney and a Flintstone cardboard puppet theater. 🙂


  1. wow, you have done a lot of stitching, I didn’t think it was going to be that big when I saw it! As for the different dye lots, I’m sure dinosaurs were patchy in colour anyway!


    • Im Moment bin ich tatsächlich im Oberen Jura zugange, nach dem Grünzeug geht es aber dann erstmal in die Obere Kreide. Später folgt noch ein wenig Perm. 😉


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