An Early Present

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday. My penpal Uli has sent another big, soft and mysterious envelope like she always does at this time of the year. A handmade card, a purse with a secret compartment and a pin cushion were inside.

Although, I don’t think I could push pins into this little chap’s back – don’t want to hurt him. I think I’ll call him Speedy for arriving so early before Christmas (despite travelling with Deutsche Post 😉 ).

4 thoughts on “An Early Present

  1. It’s a very interesting and appealing blog. Good job and worth hanging on to (even if dormant) until WP sort out whatever inner group has been making such a mess of things.

    Don’t let the ^%&*^* spoil your Xmas 🙂 and Merry Xmas to you.


    • Hi Graham, I thought as this is my main blog I’m keeping it up but set everything else to private. – WP suggesting a couple of days ago to go on a blog hiatus over the holidays now makes sense to me – less traffic if they want to test something new. Which might explain the ‘my sites’ page I got this afternoon. It had the blog icons on it but lacked any links to admin the sites yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another change soon. 😉 Merry Christmas to you too. 🙂


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