A Luxury Problem

All neat and tidy now

Recently I gathered all my embroidery floss together from each and every corner of The Boudoir. And because I had to 😉 order the threads for a new project I put two more organizing boxes on top as well as some cardboard bobbins. I’ve now finished winding up all of the new and used floss and the leftover pieces and put them into the boxes.

But I’m left with a little luxury problem, so to speak. A couple of years ago I was given the embroidery floss from my mother’s late aunt. Mostly in different shades of pink, plus some greys and yellows. She had obviously bought it for a project she never made. There were also a couple of skeins I had bought which in the end I replaced by some other colours in the project they were meant for. Luckily, they match the inherited ones quite well. I’ve got quite a collection of unused skeins now.

But what to do with them? This is enough material for a good size project, I will probably still have some of them left after that. Furthermore, pink isn’t one of my favorite colours. This calls for a special project.

So, what to stitch? Flowers come to mind when thinking of pink. Nope. Not this time. Something geometrical or a modern art piece, perhaps.

I think I need an expert – Dave the Muse. He always has a solution.

7 thoughts on “A Luxury Problem

  1. Just look at all that beautiful organisation. It’s almost a work of art by itself. And I like your luxury problem, we should all have problems like that… How about a variation on your range of Baltic Sea marine life, a fan coral or something?


  2. I recently picked up a book by Michael Powell called Mini Cross Stitch for £4.49. Amazing little patterns including flowers, pretty cross stitch borders, a couple of cupcakes and lots of cool, quirky buildings, based on the designer’s love of Spanish architecture. All seem pretty simple to follow and only about 4 x 4 inches max. in size. Your predicament is exactly the reason I bought it… 🙂


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