Meet The Beetles – Stage 1

Burying/sexton beetle (Totengräber), Nicrophorus vespillo

I’ve tried my best to identify the species but there are a lot of varieties so I hope I’ve got it at least nearly right.  🙂

Isn’t it cute? I fell in love with this pattern the moment I first saw it. There are four beetles in this design, I chose to stitch them in one row instead of two.

The pattern (# 73107) was published in Pflanzen, Früchte & Tiere (Woodland and garden life/La nature de nos jardins/Vruchten, planten en vlinders), Rico Design Vol. 35, by Michael Lindner, Ingeburg Dietz & Christel John (ISBN 3-933554-39-X). I’m stitching with Anchor threads on 16 ct white Aida.

This is my new SAL project – I’m stitching along with Avis, Claire, Gun and Kate. And we also have a couple of new ladies joining us. Hop over and see what they are up to:



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